Healthy Sane Novelist is about finding ways to move through the novel-writing process and tackle the challenges of the publishing industry, without destroying your health, family and social life every time you do it.

(It helps to have a four-legged writing companion, like Layla.)

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Lisa Strømme is a certified creativity coach and over the last decade, she has worked with clients and students of all ages, helping them to understand their creative process and how they can support themselves through what is, at times, a painful endeavour.

Writing a novel is hard work. Sometimes it can feel like an arduous marathon that has no finish line in sight - and that's just the writing. When their book is completed, writers still have to endure several rounds of editing and re-writing, rejection and seemingly endless periods of waiting. The industry is tough and the entire process can be incredibly emotionally challenging.

Creativity coaching offers clients a creative, fun and playful way to make the writing process work for them. It's a gentle approach that gets to the emotional root of our creative dispositions and shows us how to transform common problems such as inner crictics, fear, self-doubt, overwhelm and writer's block, in ways that change our creative lives for the better.

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