Norwegian Book cropIt’s been a busy year, to say the least!

I have been working intensely on my second novel about Alfred Nobel. He is an extremely demanding subject and the book has required months of research involving reading, translating and travelling. To track Nobel down, I have been to Paris, Vienna, San Remo in Italy and, of course, Stockholm and Bofors in Sweden. At the same time, The Strawberry Girl has been coming out in various countries around the world and I have been lucky enough to go a number of launches.

The strangest coincidence happened in Paris, at the magnificent French launch of The Strawberry Girl (Car si l’on nous sépare). The location of the event was the Swedish and Norwegian Club in rue Rivoli, which just so happened to be the place where Alfred Nobel wrote and signed his will in 1895, so both of my books converged in the same place that night. It was a magical evening, expertly orchestrated by Harper Collins France, and such a thrill to meet some lovely French readers!

Closer to home, The Strawberry Girl (Malerens muse) has just been launched in Norway and we all enjoyed the fantastic launch event at Edvard Munch’s studio at Ekely in Oslo.

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